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Sunday, July 03, 2022
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First Friends Registration


Registration Form

Child's Information

Child's Name
Child's Gender
Child's Age
Child's Date Of Birth
Home Address
Zip Code
Home Phone #

Father's Information

Father's Name
Father's Cell Phone
Father's Employer
Father's Employer Phone

Mother's Information

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Other Children in the Family

Child 2 Name  Age  Gender   
Child 3 Name  Age  Gender
Child 4 Name  Age  Gender


Please list people other than parents to whom your child may be released.
Release 1 Name  Phone #  Relationship
Release 2 Name  Phone #  Relationship
Release 3 Name  Phone #  Relationship
Note:If the child is to be released to someone other than parents or the listed then a note is required with your signature on that day.


Does the child:
Have Allergies (if so please list)
Take Medications (if so please list)
Have Any Other Conditions We Should Know About      
How did you learn about our preschool? (place an x in the box if yes) 
Times Bulletin          Other Parents     Channel 4     
Other(please explain)
E-mail Address (without this we will not be able to complete your registration)  
Registration is not complete until we have received you non-refundable registration fee of $40.