First United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 19, 2018
Growing and Sharing our Faith in God



Chillicothe First has supported the ASP project since 2005 when we had just one high school student attend.   Today most of the Senior High Youth group has attended ASP over the past 8 years.   While mission projects in our community are important.  We believe God has shown our High School youth and our adult leaders a new path to service with ASP.   The Mission team making warmer, safer and dryer homes for others, but this is just part of the ASP experience. 
What is ASP?

A Youth Mission Service.
The Appalachia Service Project (ASP) is a home repair /home building Christian ministry affiliated with the Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church. ASP high school and college students responds to the housing needs of economically disadvantaged people in Appalachia in a Christian perspective. Volunteers and staff repair and build homes for low-income families in rural Central Appalachia. ASP volunteers hear God's call and go to help people with severe housing repair needs.

ASP Philosophy

ASP encourages people to act responsibly in the face of human need and injustice. By transforming faith into ASP service, volunteers respond to a specific need, housing. Their commitment to serve really is a contract with God. By putting aside selfish needs and desires, ASP volunteers free themselves to share talent, love, and concern with the people of Appalachia and with one another. More important than construction know-how is a willingness to enter communities and homes of central Appalachia with sensitivity, concern, and love - accepting people right where they are and just the way they are.

Projects tackled by ASP student work crews have included digging and building foundations; reinforcing sagging floors; replacing floors; cleaning up and repairing fire damage; digging drainage ditches; replacing roofs; repairing bathrooms; replacing siding; building porches, stairs, and handicap ramps; wiring; plumbing; insulation; and much more. It's often very hot and dirty work. But it is rewarding to see much difference all the hard work makes. (Continued on next page) Check out their website
At the Chillicothe First United Methodist Church:
In 2006, we had four high school students attending from the church and one adult leader.  In 2007 we has 10 high school students and 5 adult leaders. And now we average 35 youth and adults going each year. We are growing in faith! We are joined with our neighbors, the Mossville United Methodist Church to have the opportunity to serve others and share in a spiritual journey. Thank you everyone who has supported this important mission for our church and our High School Students!
 2007 Chillicothe First and Mossville United Methodist Church ASP TEAM in Kentucky!
Our 2006 Mission Team.  All these students are returning for our 2007 trip!