First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, March 03, 2021
Growing and Sharing our Faith in God
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You can get all or just one item.

Bring to the church and we'll get them to the MMDC.




Health Kits - Suggested Shipping Donation $1.00
1 Hand Towel (not finger-tip or kitchen size)
1 Wash Cloth
1 Comb (regular size, not pocket size, no rat-tail combs, no barber combs; Suggestion-Little Goody 2 Pack)
1 Fingernail Clipper (no files or emery boards)
1  Bar of Soap (3 oz. or larger in original wrapper)
1 Toothbrush (in original wrapper) (no multiple packs please)
1 Tube of Toothpaste
(4.5 oz or larger, in original wrapper. Check expiration dates-must be at least ONE YEAR ahead.)
6 Adhesive Bandages (Band-aids; no pictures, regular size and wrapped in a rubber band)

Wrap the items in the hand towel. Items may be placed in a one gallon plastic zip closure bag. All new items please. Please make sure all items are correct sizes. If they are not the correct size they are unusable.